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WAYISM definition


Definition of Wayism
A widespread ontology, worldview, lifestyle and philosophy expounded by the in the 1st century CE spiritual teacher Iesous. Iesous was also known as Jesus, Yesu, Issa, and Oesho, depending on areas where he worked. Iesous worked in Egypt, the Mid-East and India.

Since Wayism first took root in 1st century India among Hindus involved in the upcoming Bhakti Movement, it was once known as the Yoga of Jesus. By the end of the 1st century, Wayism was incorporated into Mahayana Buddhism with the advent of the Pure Land schools of thought. Wayism lies at the root of Christianity, a Judaic reform movement created by the spiritual teacher Paul toward the mid-first century CE. The spiritual teacher Thomas, a devotee of Iesous started Wayist Church of the East in Kashmir, India during the early 40s of the 1st century.

There is a mystical, devotional, side to Wayism that finds expression in a number of religious-style movements, The Pure Land Tradition, Church of the East and Wayist Church, for example.

Wayism is more popular in the West as a philosophical lifestyle and worldview based on the tenets listed below.

Wayist teaching is succinctly captured in the authoritative book, WAYISM: The Primary Text available from the publisher, Amazon and other booksellers

Basic Tenets of Wayism


  • The three attitudes of Humility, Simplicity and Compassion are central to all Wayist philosophy and function as a test and standard for all things. Everything is subjected to this test whether a religious doctrine, a holy scripture, or the words of someone's god. If it does not conform to Humility, Simplicity and Compassion it is judged to be unprofitable as soul nurture and is discarded.
  • Earth is a school for souls to learn Wisdom.
  • Karma brings neither punishment nor reward, but regulates the curriculum in the School of Life. It will always bring along the most appropriate lessons, projects, tests, and exams to make sure that all soul beings will master the skill of spiritual perfection no matter how long it takes.
  • Dharma is one's inherent Wisdom, gathered over many lifetimes. The Wisdom we have, dictate our response to situations, dictate our ability to be peaceful, live in loving-kindness, make positive contributions t society ad the lives of others, to live selflessly, resist injustice and be a benefit to society at large.
  • Wisdom is to be had ONLY by living full and authentic lives, making use of every and any learning opportunity that Karma can bring along. Spiritual sloth, is a waste of a lifetime which triggers very interesting Karma for the next life.
  • Once sufficient wisdom is learned by the soul, over many incarnations, the soul starts to metamorphose and change into a spiritual being.
  • Wisdom (not knowledge) is learned/achieved primarily through living full and authentic human lives
  • The highest wisdom is learned in, and expressed as loving-kindness, only learned through practice of service to all sentient beings, whom Iesous called, "our neighbours".
  • Spiritual beings are creatures, often entitled as gods by soul beings because of their superior wisdom (love) and metaphysical nature.
  • There is no need or desire to define the Creator. There is an urgent need to NOT attempt to define the Creator. The Creator, defies definition and anything said about It/That is limiting.
  • The senior spiritual being in charge of Sukhavati / Heaven, father's our spirits-in-the-making. He is without gender. He is our Father in Heaven. He is titled, in Sanskrit, Illimitable Light (of wisdom) amita abha, Amitabha. In Buddhist language, Amitabha Buddha. In Hindu and western thought, Amitabha God our Father in Heaven. By definition, Amitabha God is omnibenevolent. It is not possible for this Being to be anything but absolute Love.
  • No spiritual beings are in charge of Earth, as there are no beings in charge of any other planet. The Way and various metaphysical and natural laws flowing from the One keep this planet going.
  • The creative energies of the Immutable One run through all of creation, upholds and maintains All. Soul beings and spiritual beings have sensory capabilities to be aware of the Divine Presence in all things. This awareness, this awe, forms an important aspect of Wayist spirituality and its understanding of evolution of the soul. This leads to the esoteric teaching called Sacred Sensuality.

Wayism Ontology


  • From the Creator, the One, emanates a perpetual creative energy that upholds all of creation
  • That energy exhibits itself to us in the form of Two, male and female qualities, Yang and Yin, as some say or Father and Mother is preferred by other. It is this energy that carries with it the blueprint for all, including the purpose of life o souls and spirits, and the mechanisms by which they evolve (reincarnation, karma, dharma), live and die. We refer to this is The Way, the Plan and Will of the One as it pertains to creation.
  • From the Two we sense the three attitudes inherent in all of creation, which some call the Gunas.
  • From the three, we sense the uncountable numbers of things in creation.
  • There is nothing that a spiritual being or soul being can do to impact or effect The Way. No manner of praise, pleading, or bribery can change the Way. The Way happens for us, will it, want it, or not.

Wayism and the path to enlightenment


  • Enlightenment is a process that may take many reincarnations to accomplish
  • To live an authentic and full life is equated with paying attention at school, seeking learning opportunities in diverse subjects and courses.
  • To "own your own mind" and refuse group-minds to think for you, dictate their moral codes to you, and limit your human experience is essential. "Culturally conditioned thinking" is labelled as the Wayist's greatest enemy.
  • Learn, practise and live loving-kindness, humility, simplicity and compassion
  • Once the soul gains sufficient wisdom of loving-kindness (heart chakra), a mini enlightenment takes place.
  • From this point forward, the soul starts to change, metamorphose, into a spiritual being. Humility, simplicity, compassion, loving-kindness and service to others increases. The soul develops "spiritual mind) 5th chakra and starts to comprehend spiritual teaching. To this effect, Iesous often said to questioners who had not yet developed that faculty, that his teaching is not for them.
  • Contemplate and live according to the essential truths of the nature of things.
  • Enlightenment and rebirth happens.

The Nature of Things

These teachings are expounded in several (mostly Sanskrit) treatise dating back almost 2,000 years. A most basic synopsis of the teaching is:

  • Only The One is eternal, all else are created, temporary and are in flux
  • The ant's ability to fathom the depths of machinations that govern our solar system is equated with the human's ability to fathom the One and Its creations - before we can observe even one cycle of the many cycles of creations, several reincarnations have been spent.
  • Knowledge is in flux, and is mostly folly
  • For the soul, the only 'permanent' thing is wisdom. It is the only, the only, thing we carry with us from one life to the next and into metamorphosis to heaven.
  • Our attitude, is the ONLY thing over which we have control.
  • Nothing is as it appears. The permanence, even the existence of anything is a construct of our body-mind tinted by our attitude. All things are without true substance. The only true substance from a soul's point of view is wisdom, and the future spiritual existence.
  • The concept of who you are, is a construct of your body-mind. Rise above that awareness and guard against clichéd group think. Develop spiritual-mind.
  • Human language and human thinking is primitive to say the least, it is necessarily fraught with inadequate symbolism. Never sweat the small things, the nuances in teachings, seeming differences in things. Seek the broader view in assured trust that all things are in The Way.

Wayist Lifestyle


  • Continually eradicate culturally conditioned thinking and re-evaluate your beliefs, priorities and lifestyle.
  • Own your own mind, if you don't, someone else will
  • Set the three jewels Humility, Simplicity and Compassion as your standard for all things
  • Continued awareness of the Presence of the Divine in all things is essential
  • Live in service to humankind. Fearlessly resist evil doers and spread loving-kindness, wisdom, beauty, compassion and peace to all.
  • Engender in your soul a love for the wisdom and peace gained from mystical union with the Father, Lord and spiritual beings. This is amrita, soul food without which the soul may wither in malnutrition.
  • Be disciplined and focussed, be the best student in Soul School Earth. Every day, every waking and sleeping moment learning opportunities are brought to you from which you may learn, advance and move ahead to the Light.
  • Be mindful in every thought and action of the kind of rebirth you may need in the next life to teach you lessons that you shunned in this life.
  • "Not doing, is most often worse than doing". Slight, laziness or unwillingness to go to the trouble to speak out when society goes in the wrong direction, is often worse than going in the wrong direction yourself. You may go down that lane but soon see your folly. But to not speak out, to not correct your children and your society contributes to spoiling it because of your laziness. Spoiled food, people and societies become garbage and if not removed from society will cause disease. It is your compassion that drives you to take the hard, often lonely, road.

Wayism as organization

Wayism is not centrally organized as a movement. It was an awareness that was incorporated into many religions. However, that said, as of the 1990s in the West, Wayist teaching is regulated from within one organization brought to life for the purpose of keeping the teaching pure. Known as International Association of Wayist Organizations, acronym WAWO, the organization bring together the most suitable Wayist teachers to put forward the essential Wayist teaching in its purest and simplest form. These individuals are, as the three wise men of the 1st century, from Buddhist, Daoist and Hindu backgrounds; lately also Christian teachers joined the council.

The organization has no influence over Wayist-style movements around the world, such as Tendai, Pure Land, Chen/Zen, etc. The organization's aim is to make pure teaching available in the West.

What is considered "pure teaching", that is Wayist teaching stripped of colouring and embroidering added over the ages by traditional and cultural movements.

The organization will, for the time being affect ordination, training and licensing of Wayist teachers in the West.

International Association of Wayist Organizations (IAWO) in India and http://wayism.org" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">Wayism Association of Wayist Organizations in North America cooperate to maintain an international membership of bona-fide Wayist organizations. This senior body in Wayism International guards the purity of Wayist teaching worldwide.

Wayism has a mystical side that is considered optional for practitioners. http://wayist.org" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">Wayist Mysticism is devotional practice centered on Avalokiteshvara (Christ) and Amitabha Buddha (Father in Heaven).


  • Wayism was referenced by Gene Rodenberry in a television series Andromeda as a fictional inter-galactic religion of peace and harmony.
  • Wayism is referenced in futuristic video games
  • Wayism is often used by spurious quasi-religious groups to name their 'religion' because it shares a few of the elements of Wayism proper. The element most attractive to these people is usually Wayism's inclusiveness of all sentient beings. The fact that these 'religions' use the name Wayism without qualification is viewed by the public as an attempt to mislead, or fraud.

AUTHOR: +Yajn (Jean du Plessis)


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