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Welcome to our community site.
The goal of this project is to create a knowledge hub of all Wayist material from all over the world, from different Teachers and different cultural sources.

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Free Membership

Community members have access to most of the material on this vast website.

Community members participate in almost every aspect of the website, including the ability to comment on content, edit content, translate pages, and propose new pages.

A Community Member can establish a personal profile, create a personal blog, create groups, join groups, friend other members, access training, courses, download books, and more.

Due to spam and vandalism we need to put some obstacles in the path of signing up for membership. This helps keep bots at bay and slows down people with dishonorable intent.

Sign up for free membership somewhere on this page.



This project is completely volunteer driven and overheads are paid for by donations to this cause

We need volunteers to monitor various aspects of this website, including the monitoring quality of of wiki pages, forums, blogs, uploaded graphics, etc. If you can read and write, you can help, because it is not so technical to do.

We need volunteers to manage and maintain the server and tikiwiki backend.

You decide how many hours per month you can give to the community. Anything helps.

Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering. Use the Contact form on this website. Much obliged.

For Example

  • Create or Edit pages, thereby improving the knowledge base.
  • Fix typos, grammar and spelling (US and UK English both are accepted and neither constitutes a spelling error)
  • Translate a page to your language (there is a link on every page to start a translation)
  • Contribute content, add references, improve a page
  • Offer to copy-paste content from other Wayist sources to build our archive here.
  • Offer to act as site activity monitor to help keep things clean and keep spam in the kitchen.
  • Join our web-management team to help plan the interface, SEO, keep the site upgraded and secure.
  • Graphic artists volunteer to create web graphics, inspirational and devotional graphics

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