Atman-Jiva Cikitsa

In the old days Pneumapathy was taught in Sanskrit language. In Sanskrit, Pneumapathy is/was called Jiva-Atman Citikasa which translates to Soul-Spirit Therapy. Nowadays as we teach this health and healing regime in the West, in English, the International Association of Pneumapathy resolved to adopt the anglized name Pneumapathy.

Pneuma is ancient Greek for spirit. This is the language used by Socrates, Plato and Jesus to teach the foundations of pneumapathy.

In the West, Socrates and Plato (500BCE) championed the awareness that the soul is immortal, that the soul reincarnates, and that maintenace of the mortal physical body cannot be succesful if we do not also include maintanance of the other parts of the human being, the mortal mind and the immortal soul.

The Upanishads (1000 BCE to 100CE) of India forwarded the same holistic view of health and healing but there, in the birthplace of Pneumatherapy, they had a deep understanding Prana Energy and the mechanisms and anatomy of the immortal soul and spirit.

During the 1st century, Pneumatherapists in India started to adopt crucial teaching from China, about the Meridians. This teaching was officially incorporated in Pneumapathy almost 2,000 years ago. It was also at this time when St. Thomas and Mari of Magadha taught prana-chakra therapy and trained people in the art of atma-jiva cikitsa. A legend of St. Thomas is Kerala is still alive as he is honoured as t healer deity Thomachan.

Today, the integrated system of pneumapathy takes cognisance of, chakras, meridians, ayurvedic dosha traits, and of course the original skillset of prana energy therapy.

Pneumatherapy has a very long history of continous development. Pneumapaths are always in search for higher knowledge, deeper wisdom and improved techniques.

Soma Entheogenic Medications

Over the past several thousand years, Pneumapathy developed and employed a unique series of medications that energize and empower chakras and meridians. Know from ancient times by the gerenic name Soma, most of the formulas are based on Nelumbo Nuciferus (Holy Lotus) extracts, decoctions, infusions, brews and other techniques. Soma is so highly regarded that even in ancient times Soma was egarded as a deity, and as the elixer of the gods. It takes considerable skill to make Soma and the holy craft is handed down from master to student, never to be allowed in the hands of those who would exploit or misuse it. Lately the term entheogen is used to describe these spiritual energy medications. Entheogen is from the ancient Greek, literally meaning "to put God inside" or to infuse with divine energy. Pneumapaths are licenced by the International Association of Pneumapathy to prescribe Soma.


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