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Beautiful Spirituality, Happy Life

The Wayist Path is all about energy, all about abundant living.
Being in Awareness of higher-self energies is to resonate with divine energies.
From this, we get our healing, our peace, our contentment of soul.
From this, the reason why we have a smile in our hearts.

Very briefly, tell me again what our Path teaches about the hot topics everyone talk about.

Path of Self-discovery

Wayism is a path of self-discovery, that leads to self-realization. Self-realization is a requirement for spiritual enlightenment.

Wayism gives guidance around stumbling blocks (social, value systems, psychological, mental, physical, spiritual teaching, religions), meaning that we show The Way, but you will experiment and find your own truths in it all, assign your own meaning, and join us on the broad Path that we call home. Our Path is like a family. We are united by common wisdom and ethics, but no two Wayists are in the same “place” on the Path.

Each one in the Family has his/her own, always evolving development.

Wayism teaches Energy

Wayism is all about energy. Prana is one of the main energies from the Source, it runs through almost everything we know—our minds, our souls, the gods, nature…it connects us all to one another in good ways and scary ways. Awareness is what we are about, increasing awareness of spiritual energies in all.


Our teaching on Karma is unique. We know that Karma is neither reward nor punishment. There is no “good karma” or “bad karma”, there is only karma. karma results as consequences of all inactions, actions, thoughts and not doing one's dharmic duty..

We do not believe that one can buy or earn merits or “good karma” from monks and priests, to offset against your “bad karma”. We don’t believe the Universe runs a karma-market or stock exchange for karma. There is no karma price list. The entire karma "merit" system is an invention for the business of religion. Therefore, we don’t believe, as most Buddhists do, that one can "transfer merits", or "settle" one's karmic debts, or that "karmic debts" are negotiable. All that are mechanisms created by the business of religion.

For us, Karma is the universal law that makes sure you will always receive developmentally-appropriate learning opportunities. To advance in the school of life, you need lessons. Karma will always bring the right learning opportunities you need to advance as a soul being.

You may not always like those lessons and call it "bad karma", but that is just like saying you hate repeating the same math class. The trick is, learn and pass the exams and get it done—else you will get those lessons over and over and over.

You cannot opt-out of karmic lessons. They never go away—never.

Spiritual beings

The universe we see now is the physical, natural, universe of physics and science. Everyone knows that beyond what we see, there are amazing energies that make up other dimensions and aspects of the same universe.

Behind what we see, there are energies and energy entities. It is universally accepted that there are energies that we do not understand, we cannot see or measure, and much of that are still undiscovered. There are energy laws and entities that stand apart from the physical universe.

Wayism knows that there are trillions of beings in the universe that are not incarnated in physical bodies. There are spiritual realities out there that we cannot even imagine with our small, biological, physical brains.

We struggle to know those spiritual beings because our spiritual energy Awareness is still limited. Those beings are often described by our ancestors as ghosts, spirits, gods, bodhisattvas, devas, devata, dakini, angels, and so on. As a Wayist, your awareness increases and we become aware of our spiritual selves and the gods or angels that reach out to our awareness.

This is the mysticism that is central to Wayism.

Are all Wayists empaths?

This question can most probably be answered with a yes, but I must qualify the answer.

Wayists increase their awareness of spiritual energies and necessarily move through the so-called empath phase. However, we learn to interpret, control and channel energies.

We know how to not be victims to the energies around us.

What is the purpose of life?

The purpose of life, the reason why our type of soul-being comes to Earth, is evolution. We evolve into spiritual beings. Earth is a school for our type of soul.

To graduate from the school of life (over many lifetimes), means we reach that stage of self-realization when we are “born again” and our souls become spiritual beings over some more lifetimes.

The metamorphosis starts in Anahata chakra where the soul germinates the seed of the spirit.

Finally, we graduate (the end of samsara) and we don’t come back to this school again. As soul beings, we are in the school of life on earth to become advanced spiritual beings. When that happens, we have, as the ancients said, “eternal life”, and we continue our existence “in heaven”.

What do we need to do to get to graduation or enlightenment?

We already do what we need to do. We chose to come here, and we have earned the right to attend this very special school. Junior souls are so enmeshed in the experience of incarnated life, they forget who they really are and why they are here…but that’s okay, because karma brings lessons and soon the juniors too will reach higher grades and know.

You have matured to know. You remember now. That is why you have taken up your Path. You have rejoined your spiritual tribe so to speak. From now on, things will go smoother, growth will be more rapid and more beautiful. You will feel at peace because your dharma is doing what it is supposed to do. Because of this, you will be less stressed, less depressed, less in need of psychiatric drugs, and in general your health will improve by leaps and bounds.

What are my chakras?

Chakras are soul-minds. The soul is a highly complex structure. Each chakra specializes in a different aspect of the soul’s human experience. The higher three chakras are spiritual minds. They are mostly developed during the later spiritual development phase, like senior school, if you will.

Wayism is all about energy. Understanding chakras and chakra healing is for us a more than 2,000 year-old field of study and specialized discipline. Wayists are the original spiritual energy healers. What we know about chakras, most people have never even heard before.

Wayists can learn, if they want, to help people with energy healing, to work with chakras and spiritual healing. It comes naturally to us—we are, after all, spiritual beings, so we are not strangers to spiritual energies.

What is my aura?

Everything has energy; therefore all things sort of "emit" energy, or have sort of "energy fields" around them. For example, science is now discovering the aura of Earth is much more complex, and more active that they knew before. We are on the verge of discovering the auras of dark matter structures.

Each of your chakras in your soul and spirit generate a different energy, your mind generates a different energy, and your biological body does the same. Your "aura" is the combined energy field surrounding you. It culminates from all of the faculties in your complex energy being.

What is the difference between my Soul and Spirit?

Wayism is unique in knowing the difference between soul and spirit. This has always been a teaching reserved for higher-wisdom souls, that is why it was hidden from general view. Until now, there are so many of us present.

Almost every ancient language out there has different words for soul and spirit, and almost all the religions will tell you that those two things are just the same, or some other confusing story. Why would Jesus, Plato, Kabir and Lalla and others use the different words for soul and spirit if they meant the same thing? Anyhow—that argument works for those people and we have no need to change their minds.

In ancient Greek, psyche and pneuma. In Sanskrit, atman and jiva.

You are a soul (psyche / jiva) being, a highly advanced soul being. Most animals also have souls, but they are no where near as advanced as your soul. Your soul advanced to its current state mostly by evolution. Lately, however, you advance from existential learning in the school of life on Earth.

Once you have gone through many lifetimes of learning in the school of life, you become spiritually (atman / pneuma) aware and you enter the final phase. During this final phase you change, like a caterpillar changes to a butterfly, and you metamorphose into a spiritual being. You become spiritually aware — you find your Path. You become a Spirit (pneuma / atman) over some more lifetimes—you become that which the Scriptures of old called gods, buddhas, angels, enlightened one, children of light, etc.

Jesus used the Greek word, pneumatikoi, meaning spiritual people, when he spoke to his Wayists (as opposed to psychikoi soul-people. Jesus said you have to be "born again" and the Vedas speak of a high class of devotee who is twice-born.

Of course, everyone who wants to pretend to be special can call themselves pneumatikoi, twice-born, born again, high guru or whatever word they find in sacred texts. Never pay any attention to such "titles".

Are all soul beings on the same path?

Some soul beings on earth are not here, like you and I, to attend school and advance on the spiritual path. Those beings choose to exist here because they like it, and not because they want to learn.

We look forward to "end of term" breaks to go Home to our spiritual peace, harmony, beauty, serenity, awe, joy, gratitude, and whatever else the spiritual Home has to offer. In the world people call these breaks death. The other people, the one's not here for spiritual reasons, well, they don't look forward to the breaks because they fear the consequences, they don't get to go on holy days, they get to go to the astral plane and live the angst of their own intense soul suffering riddled with hurting egos, unfulfilled desires, anger, jealousy, hatred, fear, guilt, and pains only they can understand. In Asia they are a class called "hungry ghosts".

They do learn, but only by karmic consequences and it takes them very, very long to make advances. Many of them like it here because they are skilled at using, bullying, and dominating the school playground. They use others as resources. They have their own self-profiting priorities. Earth is a nice incarnation for them because they can continue to reincarnate here. They too are subject to Karma, but it takes them very long to learn. Some of them may even learn over thousands of lifetimes to advance to our level one day.

Jesus spoke of these souls as beings who have another father than the Father in Heaven whom Wayists look up to. Jesus called his father by the title, Light Father — in Sanskrit Abha Father.

Karma uses those soul beings to provide us with learning opportunities along our Path. Often we are cheated by them, robbed, misled and so on. When we screw up, we need to learn to not be like that, and these souls are the ideal people to teach us how it feels to be on the receiving end.

We are in the Lotus Family, we are different to the soul beings who are not on a spiritual path.

What is my Dharma?

Wayism has a unique understanding of dharma. For some, dharma is the teaching of Gautama Buddha. For others, dharma is religion, or divine justice, or even a spiritual code of conduct. But Wayists know different.

Your dharma is your internal code of duty, it is the “law of God written in your heart” as the ancient Scriptures said. Each individual has their own, unique, wisdom of what is right and wrong for them, what is their duty, what is their Path.

Here is how it works: Each time that you learn a new or advanced wisdom, your dharma changes. Your duty changes according to your wisdom.

Here is an example. For soul X, the idea of catching a dog on the street to eat it with his/her friends as a delicacy raises no moral, legal or dharmic issues at all. The idea of treating animals with kindness, or loving one's pets, does not really come up, because most probably for soul X the idea of treating anyone or anything with kindness does not really surface unless there is profit or fear involved to motivate him/her to do so.

For soul Y, however, her dharma cannot not be kind to animals. The idea to treat the animal with severity does not even come up. Soul Y has learned wisdom in this field of human experience. She cannot not act on that wisdom, no-one has to tell her not to be cruel to animals, it becomes automatic.

In time, soul Y will be “automatically” good on most things. She will act like a perfect spiritual being by default—and that is how her dharma has formed.

Spiritual beings of the Lotus Family are good by default, by definition.

Which of the Holy Scriptures are right, which are the best for our use?

To keep this short I will repeat the answer that Bodhidharma gave to one of the emperors of China who asked the same question in the 5th century. He said, “not any, all are short on Truth. The highest Truth is in your heart. You need no scripture.”

If, however, you are on a path of knowledge (it is a valid path, says Bhagavad Gita and western scientific mindsets), then you should not miss any sacred scripture. Most are fascinating. Don’t miss the Platonic and neo-Platonic schools, do consider Origen, Dionysius the Areopagite, the Daodejing, all the Upanishads and the Tantras, read the ancient Hindu teachers and the Jain gurus. Of the 100,000+ Buddhist suttas, you will have to do a large variety of those because there are several schools of thought there. Of course, do not skip Advaita, Vedanta, Shaivism and the Gita Tradition. Check the Eastern Bible. The apocrypha to the New Testament have important clues to ancient Wayist teachings, as do the ancient Gnostic books as well.

What is the short answer about my spiritual practice?

Life is the school. You incarnated here to learn from every little interaction with life itself. All of your senses and minds are involved in this learning.

Karma placed you where you are because in this condition there are tremendous lessons for you. You could have been born this time around in rural China, or African or Cambodian, as an Arabian woman or…you name it, all possibilities were open to karma. However, you are where you are to make the most of your learning opportunities.

  • To live life with your whole heart and whole soul and whole mind and all your joy—that is your main spiritual practice.
  • To live every breathing moment in mindfulness and gratitude, is your second spiritual practice.
  • To live in Awareness of the presence of the Divine in all things, is your third spiritual practice.
  • To regularly do Karman Active Meditation is your fourth spiritual practice.

Tell me again about my diet and my spiritual path

The best diet is always a) one that is adapted to your environment and b) one that is as diverse as possible under the circumstances. The human is an omnivore and can eat almost anything.

Your body-mind is directly linked to your gut. Be careful, your depression, your cognitive abilities, your attitude, motivations, spiritual abilities, and more all are affected by your gut.

  • Use no preservatives
  • Use fermented naturally processed milk products (natural yogurt, lassi, ghee, paneer, etc).
  • Use naturally fermented vegetables and sauces (kimchee, sauerkraut, wine, beer, soy sauce, prohouk, kombucha, miso, tempeh, etc.)
  • You are not a ruminant, do not eat as if you are one.
  • You are not a carnivore, do not eat as if you are one.
  • You are not an herbivore, do not eat as if you are one.
  • You are an omnivore, a mindful omnivore, eat as if you are one. Be mindful of the lives that plants, herbs and animals lived and now became your food—and be mindful of the energies that ran through them, are still in them, the remnants of which still cling to your food and are about to become you.

You have this in life an incarnation as an omnivorous predator. Do not be a neurotic, miserable, unhealthy, pathetic, sickly omnivorous predator. Be a mindful, joyful, grateful, omnivorous predator.

What is the all-out best diet?
If you have the privilege, if you have the sensitivity of soul, if you have the advancement of wisdom, if you can afford it, you will learn to eat a proper hindu diet—as a system, it is superior to any other system.

Food is medicine.

Tell me again about my mind and my spiritual path

At this time, your mind and ego are linked and slow down your spiritual path.
There will come a time when, while sojourning with a teacher, your mind will transcend all spiritual paths. That is when your spirit will be on its spiritual path. But you cannot do it if you don't follow a disciplined Path. Seeming contradictions really mess with your mind, and the spiritual path is rife with contradictions. mind is the wrong tool to employ on a spiritual path. Heart is the better tool.

It is superior to embrace your spiritual path, rather than to try and and think about it.
You cannot even think about your thoughts, what will it profit you to think about your spirit.
Just embrace your Path and live it, so you become.

My relationships and my spiritual path

Wayists are all about relationships. All kinds of relationships.

We increase awareness of the dynamics of our relationship with significant others (soul others, physical others, spiritual others). We become the nicest people to ever be in relationship with, and we simply refuse to be in relationship with people, animals, family, souls, spirits, and organizations that are not good for our dharma. We don’t engage negative people and we don’t maintain relationships with them.

We become relationship experts.

We even step into relationship with our food, nature, and so on. We have so many significant others, its like the family keeps on growing.

My spiritual relationship with my spiritual teacher(s)

Sacred. Cherish this and guard it with all you have.

If you are so fortunate to be in relationship with a good Wayist spiritual teacher, consider yourself one of the very few most fortunate ones. Most people spend a lifetime looking for a real teacher.

Real spiritual teachers do not have to be geographically close to you.

My healing and my spiritual path

For the Wayist, healing is a natural result of spirituality. We are all about energies, relationships, change and improving, growing…therefore healing.

Life is about change, and we seek that and embrace that.

We own our own shit, so we heal and get over it. We are not victims, we are not survivors, we just live existential lives that sometimes suck but most of the time we extract joy and awe as we continue in gratitude.

Who is my spiritual family, the Lotus Family

You will know if you are a member of the Lotus Family, a spiritual tribe who has been coming to Earth to learn for the past almost three-thousand years. Over the past decades more and more Lotus Family members have incarnated here to attend this most-excellent school.

When you know, you know in your heart of hearts that you have come home to your spiritual family.

Think about the meaning of the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum—the Jewel of Life is in the Lotus. We are rooted in the mud, we come from the mud, we serve in the mud. We serve in the mid regions as we reach up to the light. We serve in the heavens. We blossom, but only to grow seeds and then we teach, planting seeds. We are the bodhisattvas, we are filled with joy of life when we can make a contribution to the wellness of our pond and the beings in our pond. Ours, is a bodhisattva path, the Path of light, love and joy. The Buddha of Compassion, Lord Avalokiteshvara, also known as GuanYin in Chinese, is our example, brother and sister. We learn about The Way from various teachers, but eventually we find it necessary to be with our own kind, spiritual kinfolk.

My friend wants to join this Path. What must he do?

Contact us. We will email you regular updates, invite you to online groups, and show you more resources to help shape your path.

Why I must own my own mind

As a Wayist this is the most-pounded lesson; to own your own mind.

You are an individual, not parrot or puppet who thinks things and says things and act in ways simply because others do it. We have to learn to rid ourselves of the group-think that is imposed on us by our cultures.

Therefore, we worry about and we guard against culturally-conditioned thinking.
This is one of the many things that makes Wayism unique, the urgency we place on breaking free from culturally-conditioned thinking and owning our own minds.

Why is this called the Lifelong Learning Path?

We are on our way to spiritual perfection, to become gods, buddhas or angels, in other words. We have a long way to go to learn more compassion, more simplicity, and more humility. For some of us, we will be perfected (enlightened / graduated) in heaven after this lifetime, but many of us will incarnate several more times before school is over.

And then…some of us will choose to take another birth, just to come and teach those who need teachers to graduate.

Tell me again what is most important about Humility

The lessons about humility go very deep and touch all levels of a soul’s complexity. The most basic appreciation is perhaps the foundation lesson:

As a human being you are completely perishable. Your life can be taken from you, and will soon be taken from you, in less than a second you will die and your body rot to organic compost. At that moment, the mind cease to exist. If mind is everything to you, and attaining a state of NOTHING is your idea of spiritual accomplishment, then dying will do it for you. Your mind immediately cease to exist and you become nothing in a second.

Your mind is nothing to be proud of. It is filled with useless knowledge, most of which is erroneous, all of which will be replaced by better knowledge as time goes by. Your memory can fail at a bump on the head, a busted artery in the brain, or a clogged old-age vein, or the tiniest virus can render you stupid with the intelligence of a cabbage. Your mind is so silly a tool it changes as your hormone levels change. Minuscule changes in body-chemistry changes how your mind thinks and makes you act. Mind is untrustworthy. memories are not to be trusted. Mind is whimsical and not something you can take to the metaphorical bank in any way.

You, the soul, is a small bundle of soul energy. If you did not belong to a group, or if you were not ushered in by superior beings, and if they don't usher your soul back to a heaven—you be floating around the vast, massive, universe and can come to zero, come to nothing, in the flash of a sunspot or have the life force sucked from you by a malevolent spiritual being at any moment.

As a soul being, you do not yet have life everlasting and your future non-existence, annihilation, is the only reality that you can be sure of.

As a human being, you have karma to consider for the reasons why you have your birth, your race, your social standing, your wealth. You could have been born in Yemen or anywhere else. What is it that you came here to learn, or do?

There is very good reason why we should feel unimportant, fragile and very, very temporary.

Notwithstanding the truth of the above, you must now consider the following.

You happen to be important enough to me to have devoted my entire life (i'm like really old already) to be a spiritual teacher. It is my dharma, I will never be happy if I don't teach people like you.

But, that is insignificant. Check this out:

You are important enough for senior spiritual beings, gods I tell you, to care about you, and want to protect you, and want for you to succeed in the school of life. They want you to become a spiritual being.

Very senior spiritual teachers like Jesus came here to teach people like you and I. He was/is so important that top representatives of three eastern religions (Daoism, Buddhism and Hinduism) vowed to sponsor his ministry and care for him over more than thirty years that he lived among us. Today, we know him as the Buddha of Compassion—he cares and he helps, and he directs our teachers. Hundreds of thousands of bodhisattvas who are now spiritual beings (angels, gods, deva, etc.) care about us and make themselves available to us, but they cannot help you unless you do something about your Awareness. They care, they are here to help, but we need to walk our Path and take some steps to help ourselves.

When your soul knows people in high places, you will be cared for when your body dies. You will receive in this life still, guidance and teaching and joy from senior spiritual helpers.

Why? Because you choose to walk your Path, and you have seen reasons why your humility is the most appropriate response to the presence of the Divine among us.

There is MUCH reason for humility. I touched only on a few of the most prominent reasons why humility will save your soul.

Contact me if you need help with any of this.

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