Wayism and Sautrāntika Buddhism in the 1st centuries BC and AD

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Wayism is a worldview, a philosophical mind-set. Wayists are found, and are at home in Mahayana Buddhism, Daoism, The Baghavad Gita Tradition, the Upanishadic Tradition, the Esoteric Gnani (Tantra) Tradition and in Christianity.
Wayism was never intended for the establishment of a new religion. It was always a way of thinking aimed at reforming religious traditions, and as that it was, and is, hugely successful. Wayism is as old as the mountains. Its roots are notable in Socrates, Daodejing, Upanishads and elsewhere. It was however not until the 1st century when Wayism was explained by a single teacher who traveled the world and gave birth to reformations in no less than three major religions. The divine teacher Iesous (Jesus in Latin), was the main messenger for the 1st century revival of spiritual awareness.

Is Wayism a Buddhism?

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Wayism, as a school of thought, has always been an option for Buddhists. There was, and is, nothing untoward with Buddhist devotees to hold Wayist ideas because these two gel in the Mahayana mainstream. Early examples of how Wayist thinking influenced some Buddhist schools trace back to the first century CE with the Sautrantika school.

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