Fundamentals of Wayist Philosophy

1) Earth is a school for soul beings.

2) The purpose of life for incarnated souls on Earth is to learn Wisdom, which is humility, simplicity and compassion

3) Once sufficient loving-kindness is acquired through this process of enlightenment, the soul is metamorphosed (as a caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly) into a spiritual being—and the soul graduates from the school of soul life (samsara)

4) The soul is reborn, as Jesus explained, into Heaven. No more reincarnation, no more school (hell?) on Earth.

5) Spirit beings who graduated from Earth School exist as helper beings; assisting incarnated souls on all organic planets to fulfil their purpose of life.

6) The Creator of the universes is Immutable and Unknowable, we call the One. From the One emanates a constant flow of energy we call The Way (or OM, YinYang, the Word, or Trimurti). Through the Way, all are created and upheld.

The Way is the Plan and Mechanism of Creation, containing natural laws (gravity, evolution of some species, etc.) and supernatural laws (karma, etc.). The One is Omnipresent since the ‘Energy’ of The Way that emanates from the One regulates not only the metaphysical universe but also sub-atomic characteristics and all material things throughout all universes. In this sense, we say Namaste to all beings, and we know that “God is closer to us than our hand” (Upanishads).

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