Abhisheka Empowerment

Abhisheka (Skt)

Sanskrit word for empowerment or initiation. In Wayism a ritual is conducted and may involve sprinkling of water on, or submersing the head under water. The practice is ancient and was adopted by Wayists, especially in the West. The story of John the Baptist and Iesous’ baptism to honour John’s preaching is well known. Acts of Thomas also relates this initiatory rite. 

Abhisheka is for the soul. It initiates the soul into a new tradition, or a new phase, or new school of learning. Iesous never did baptize. His earthly ministry was concerned not with starting a movement for soul beings but to reform the old religions that serve soul beings, to do a better job. Many of Iesous devotees performed Abhisheka rituals. Church of the East and early Shen Buddhism performed Abhisheka rituals in the 1st century and continue to this day.

Wayist tantra teachers use Abhisheka for empowerment rituals.

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