Compassion is the mark of a true path

A true spiritual path cares for all people, from all cultures, creeds and socio-economic conditions.

  T678n7iuy  The purpose of life is to grow in soul, to mature in soul and gain spiritual perfection - enlightenment. 

Old Wrinkly Indian Man  If a path requires that one has to turn his back on his ethnic background, then it is not a true path because Life, Karma, or God even placed that person in that position. There must be a compassionate solution that does not require a devotee to make impossible life choices. 

Starving Kids  If a path requires that one lives to maturity to learn  doctrines, chants and perform pujas in auspicious places and times, it is not compassionate, not a true path. 

Hjjgh  If a path requires than one who cannot, must learn to think outside the box and turn her back on things she were born to, risk her life and her family’s reputation to convert, then it is not a true path, not compassionate. 

Onevillage Mayen Banner  If a path requires that one be able to read, and think outside of one’s village culture, then it is asking for a 1 in 1,000,000 shot and that is not an all-inclusive and compassionate path. If a path requires literacy to save a soul, then it is not a compassionate path. Literacy is at an all-time high in the world. Never before in human history has the literacy rate been as high. Yet, almost 800 million people, 1 in 5, cannot read enough to save their souls. A true path saves souls notwithstanding.

Punk Woman  If a path casts one in hellfire for torture by its God because of certain ‘sins’, then it is not a compassionate and all-inclusive path and the God is not omnibenevolent. To equate a person’s ability to conform to moral standards, with spiritual growth, is absolute folly. The Hitler Jugend and Pol Pot’s child soldiers were moral heroes. Canadian, British and Australian forces committed vile atrocities against women and children in concentration camps during the Ango-Boer War, apart from the abuse and scorching all the land they starved more than 150,000 innocent people - yet they conformed to the moral standards of their context, they are heroes in their societies - but none were spiritual people, a spiritual person cannot do such things even under threat of martial law. 

Amnesty Swing  If a path teaches that all souls are equally endowed with wisdom and are therefore equally responsible for their actions, it is a lie, and not a compassionate path. It is real, and compassionate to understand that Jihadist, the MaoMao, Salafist and politiciand and business people and Christians like them are barbarian souls, young souls who do not yet have the same spiritual inclination for mercy, compassion and lovingkindness. 

567hfg  To expect a child to turn his back on his culture, what his mother and father believe, is spiritual folly. 

Ghnhj5  To expect of illiterate people who have only one thing in mind, the next meal, to learn Sanskrit, chants, read the Scriptures, be blessed in expensice temples end money on puja, yatra and alms, or to expect of them to wait for a next birth to experience the luxury of soul growth and divine loving and mercy, is really bad. One’s path must be compassionate to all souls, simple ave of souls, and humble enough to flourish in palaces and in humble homes alike. 

Girl Child Soldiers  To post quotes from “enlightened masters” that say You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be, is unreal and does not consider real life in any true way. To expect of some people to embrace lovingkindness, eco-friendly, animal loving veganism to save her soul and seek enlightenment is spiritually irresponsible. 

7654h67h  Facebook spirituality says this child is a goddess, master of her own domain, her own person in her own right - but her holy book says she is about ready for marriage, she must cover her sinful body because her flesh makes men get sexual thoughts and that makes her vile. One’s y must take cognisance of real life because real illumination of the soul, true enlightenment is so short sighted to mis the reality of the bulk of humans. 

Alalam 635523337694862273 25f 4x3  Daddy’s little princess has a dark daddy and a dark God. She lives in a dark place and chances are that she will not see the Light in this lifetime. One’s spirituality must have a compassionate, and beautiful place for her soul - she is a viable soul and she has some ways to go to one day know true peace, beauty, mystical union with Divine Energies and indescribable peace, mind blowing poetry and compassion for all living beings.  

We owe it to our souls to sit down and think hard about the path we take, what it teaches and whether it is true. Does it afford people only one lifetime to get it right? Most often, yes most often the paths out there are really full of it - male oriented, scholarly, cerebral, luxury vehicles that few can afford - with precious little heart.

What place do cerebral philosophies of spirituality like Vipassana, Zen, Mindfulness and so many other have in the lives of the people on this page? Is Atheism perhaps a solution? Oh, no! Atheism is the Gucci of spiritualities. The poor and suffering need the hope, they need a theistic God, they need angels and solace from ancestors. Without that hope they have NOTHING and nobody should take also that from.

This may sound conceited but right now I thank God that I am so blessed to understand life through Wayist eyes. I too need to know there is viable hope for the real people, beautiful souls on this page, else I would not sleep well ever again.  

Author: +Yajn  

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