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Short Paragraphs

As an editor. We have to adapt how we present material not anymore as we used to think in Book Design or Newspaper Design—adapt to the new technology. Consider what the piece looks like on a smart phone, tablet, reader screen.

Often, we find that we make shorter paragraph not because it is old-school stylistically correct, but because it reads better on newer technology.

Nothing wrong with that, change is what life is all about. Compalining about change is what we do best. 



Generally, HTML is not allowed because it poses security risks. Most often the system will strip out HTML. Best is to use Wiki syntax.

It is very helpful to refer to internal links on related topics.


  • data

For sake of SEO and proper cataloguing, we need to append thorough data to images.

Incomplete, hasty work

It is unfortunate that we have to do this, but we have tried other systems with adverse effect. Some of us have access to material of high value to Wayistpedia, and dont have the time to totally clean up the scanned works, do all grammar and stylistics work, etc. 

The purpose of tWayistpedia is partly to make it possible for senior teachers and archivists to contribute their work, or documents in their posession, and as a community we will contribute our editing and internet skills to create content for posterity. 


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