Ordination of Wayist Counsellors

Ordination as Wayist Counsellor

Purpose of Ordination

  • To formalize and concretize one’s ministry in the Wayist Tradition.
  • To step into the fellowship of Counsellors+ under protection of a +Teacher
  • To be appointed to the office of Counsellor+

By ordination, Counsellors+ are authoritatively commissioned to declare Wayist teaching and the path to salvation. Through ordination, the church authorizes counsellors+ to guide devotees on their spiritual journey, counteract false teaching and teachers, and to safeguard the sound doctrine that has been entrusted to Wayists for keeping. As official representatives of Wayism, ordained Counsellors+ organize Wayist Centers, teach, guide and ensure the spiritual well-being of the community.

Ordination and Licencing

Ordination is a once-off solemn act of appointing someone to the path of spiritual counsellor. There are three parts to this: The Lord calls and bring to fruition, the ordinand pledges allegiance to the Wayist Tradition, and the community pledges fellowship and guidance to help fulfil the ministry.

This solemn act is an event which the Lord brought about and sets in motion. The presiding +teacher, ordinand and witnesses facilitate the ceremonial pledge as led by the Spirit.

Licensing is an annually renewable license to publically represent the Tradition as a spokesperson, counsellor and healer. Continued education credits, good character, satisfactory work record determines the required “good standing” for a license to be renewed. Presently the continued education requirement is equal to approximately 40 hours of study per year. “Good character and satisfactory work record” is determined by the +Teacher charged with oversight.

Licensing fees for Counsellors+ were set by the International Council of 2014 at: $150 per year for communities in Western Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. $40 per year for communities in Eastern Europe, and South East Asia.


Newly ordained Counsellors+ who are working toward fulfilling the requirements for licensing (are called Ordinands) may use the designation Wayist Spiritual Counsellor (in training).

Licenced Counsellors+ use the designation Wayist Spiritual Counsellor. A certificate of current licensing to practise is issued for every term. In internal communications, it is traditional practice for Counsellors+ to add + after their name, eg. Thomas+.

For the purpose of registering with civil authorities to officiate matrimonial ceremonies, and for official job descriptions, the designation Minister of Religion will be used.

International Association of Wayist Organizations (IAWO)

IAWO was first incorporated in India as a Religious Organization in 1982. In 2006, Wayism Association of Wayist Organizations (WAWO) was incorporated as a not for profit religious organization in Canada with the right to start places of worship and schools of religious teaching.

In order to centralize international co-ordination WAWO was brought under protection and control of IAWO during 2010.

IAWO is managed by a Board of Directors under authority of the Board of +Teachers, comprised of all ordained and licensed Wayist +Teachers.

The mandate of Wayist +Teachers is to “guard the authenticity of the teaching to ensure that humankind does not repeat past mistakes”.

While ordination is a matter between an individual and the Lord, licensing of Counsellors+ and +Teachers is a matter between the Lord, the Council and the individual. The Counsellor+ is subject to the leadership and authority of the +Teacher.

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