The Householder's Code

According to ancient tradition, household codes were introduced by spiritual teachers to combat the notion that only male monks and ascetic yogis can attain nirvana, or spiritual growth, for that matter. This is one of the main issues which Iesous addressed all over the world. That women have as much place at the altar before the Lord was in fact as central a message of Iesous, as was the new awareness of our Father in Heaven.

After Iesous' incarnate ministry, the resulting Bhakti movement in Hinduism and Mahayana’s victory over Theravada in the northern areas of India, householders came to the Lord in devotional mysticism right in their homes, at their home shrines; women, children and husbands. It was a major blow for the careers of many monks, priests and many temples suffered financially. Life started changing during the late 1st and 2nd centuries in this way.


Some Hindu traditions had installed a varna system that classified all human beings according to one of four types, ranks. They have different householder codes for each varna. These are lately discounted by many Hindus, but not yet globally ignored. The varna system is separate from the caste system, which is another, deeper, division of society into classes of people, among the lowest of whom are women and people who collect garbage. Again, the dividing lines between castes are blurring in our time.


The Wayist Householder's Code is set irrespective of varna, caste or kshatriya. Its present form, below, is a modernized form of the ancient teaching, modern in terms of the use of language. Wayist writing and guidelines are often presented in ways that solicit contemplation and investigation—the subject of many a treatise.

The Wayist Householder’s Code

  • Make time, to spend time every day in that which is the human being’s prime concern
  • Plan to have time later in life to fully immerse in that which is the human being’s prime concern
  • Your job as a parent ends soon, because you did it well and prepared them to walk on their own. Your job as a friend starts thereafter, let them find their own guides.
  • Your job as a spouse ends soon, your job as a friend starts thereafter.
  • Fidelity to your partner is truly not as shallow as exclusive access to a vaginal canal, or the profits of a womb, it is fidelity to the cause of walking together to the Light as best friends, holding hands on the way Home.
  • Who but one’s partner with whom to explore the sensuous heights of lasciviousness, and the dark wonderings of strange turn-ons, whom but him/her with whom to enjoy the best sexual life one can have? If not present, then at least you still have the best soul-mate with whom to walk to Light.
  • Sacrifice your soul for no one. This precious gift of a human experience never be wasted because of breeding and raising children, fretting for things you cannot afford and should not have. There is always time for the soul, claim it and make it part of the household lifestyle.
  • You are in competition with no one but your purpose, the growth of soul, therefore you are free.
  • Any child, from whomsoever’s seed and whomsoever’s womb, is yours. It is the eternal soul who is the person, you know that, not the genetic makeup of the flesh of that body.
  • Teach your children the value of experiencing a human life, and let them live it to the hilt, for only because of life do we live, forever.
  • To spoil a child; what a grave karma you lay upon yourself. To renege on your God-given duty to instill discipline, healthy habits, appreciation and respect for food, life, elders and creatures and the Lord, is your dharma. Don’t be coming here on a human experience tour, choose the householder package and then spoil the chances of otherwise viable souls by thrusting upon them debauched personalities.
  • To walk together as spouses. Is it truly required that you bring forth children? Are there not sufficient children out there? Are there not children desperate for a caregiver like you? Whether or not you decide to breed, know that the Lord will send you souls who need you to launch them into life, wild with love and joy, fearless and resolute to succeed as souls in this adventure, the human experience.
  • There is more beauty in one grain of sand in your home shrine’s incense burner than in any material object you can buy.
  • Lessons learned in humility are eternal pearls in one’s Crown. Lessons to be learned from seeming to be a big shot in the materialistic community are lead weights that accumulate in the Muladhara.
  • Sometimes loved ones attend school at different grade levels than we do, and that must be a known and good thing.
  • Success, is measured in heaven, not here.
  • Choose peer pressure and culturally conditioned thinking from no one, or from a worthy group.
  • Do not jeer, but do smile at the folly of human wanderings in the deserts of ego and materialism.
  • Be present. Few injuries cut as deep as slight.
  • Unhappiness is the gravest of sins that kills souls. Even the poorest of people, even the hungriest and sickest of people on Earth find happiness. To persist in unhappiness is a mortal sin, a soul can die from that. Happiness and joy are nurture for souls. A happy soul, even one in a desperate body, has a successful life.

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