The Love of God

The love that Amitābha Father has for us is an inherent and essential quality. A spiritual being cannot become God if it does not possess unsurpassed love, humility, simplicity and compassion, among other qualities. By definition the Amitābha is THE most loving, compassionate and humble being in our part of the galaxy, if not in the entire galaxy. Buddhist Sutras state that, on a universal scale Amitābha is the foremost being in terms of His immense love.Image

The love that Amitābha has for us is unconditional. Whether we know it, feel it, or react to it does not change that Love. Theoretically, a soul being can exist and grow for tens of thousands of years over thousands of reincarnations without ever becoming aware of the godhead and its qualities. Such a soul will eventually acquire sufficient wisdom to one day, again, encounter the teaching of Wayism and bang! The message hits home because its time has come. That soul is then set upon the path of discovering more about the wisdom associated with the Wayist principles and the immense power of compassion, humility and simplicity—aspects of life that were mere nonsense to him in previous lives.

Do we owe Amitābha a debt because of His love for us? Do we owe the sun a debt for its gift of light and heat? Do we owe the flowers a debt for their gifts of beauty and fragrance? Are we indebted to birds for their gifts of animated nature and song?

Love means nothing to you, if you do not receive it. For love to be appreciated, you have to open your heart and receive it. This is the foundation of Wayist mysticism. You have to experience the divine Love to be moved by it. It will enthuse you, enamour you, enlighten you and yoke you to the Lord.

Only lower developed souls can receive love and return nothing, or something else but love. The response to love is reciprocating love. It is the natural response for advanced souls, we cannot do it any other way. In this lies the mystical relationship that enlightens souls at warp-speed.

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