The Monk’s Code of Conduct

 The Wayist Monk’s Code of Conduct dates back to the 5th century


  • Speak of what you know, ask of what you do not
  • Truth is blunt, not well received, therefore upaya is the compassionate way
  • See in all beings an angel trying to teach you something
  • See in all and everything, the lesson for the time
  • The path of a word is from the brain through the heart to the mouth.
  • The path of food is from the heart, to the senses, through the mouth to the cells of the body
  • The path of bodily pleasures is through the heart to the crown
  • The path from the Lord is through the crown to the soul
  • Fear the hell of separation from God with all your soul
  • Sincerity is a good friend in deed
  • Be the lotus of your pond

We prefer to use the Sanskrit word upaya rather than the English language translation, skilfull means, because Mahayana and Theravada each have their own defintions of ‘skilful means’, that do not necessarily flow well with Wayism.

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