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The Worldwide Awareness

• Wayism is a 2,000+ years old concept of spirituality, worldview and lifestyle
• The concept of the Savior of the World, Avalokiteshvara, is known in 100’s of countries, each with its own translation of terms from the (mainly) Sanskrit originals.
• Adapted and incorporated by 4 world religions and hundreds of traditional and ethnic spiritualities
• 2,000,000,000,000+ (2bn) people in the world know the basic principles of Wayism and recognize the one World Savior

This Website

  • This repository was founded 01 February 2016
  • We have to record in this repository thousands of articles, teachings, graphics and scripture
  • While it is mostly senior teachers in the Tradition who create new pages at present, all Wayists are welcome to help with editing formatting syntax, typos and writing style. Most of the work come in a bit raw, in the hope that others will help with the time consuming work of massaging text and presentation.
  • Translation of articles into other languages may start in 2016, entirely volunteer driven, and is expected to take years.
  • Original content is added every week in the forms of articles, blogs and official teaching pages.
  • The difference between Pages and Articles and Blog Posts. Pages are official teaching, have unlimited life, will be added to and dynamically expanded over years. Articles and Blog posts do not change, are not edited, and have a limited lifetime. Articles and blogs are information pieces and personal extrapolations of texts that are not, yet, official teaching.

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