What is the difference between soul and spirit

The difference between soul and spirit is in that soul energy and spirit energy are two energies of different spectra within the One source energy Prana. Prana comprises all the energy spectra of which a few are known to humankind, as discussed below. 

It is all about Energy

Energy forms the building elements of all things and all energy originates from one Source. In ancient spiritual tradition, this all pervasive sustaining energy is called Prana. For humans, in our understanding, Prana is divided into several spectra (ranges of bandwidth) which some think range from gross energy in the lower frequencies to the finest spiritual energy in the higher frequencies.

Spirit energy is Prana of a higher frequency spectrum than that of the spectrum we call soul energy. A yet lower frequency spectrum known to humankind is the electromagnetic spectrum which is mostly found in the natural universe. The building blocks of the natural universe also utilizes another spectrum of subtle energy, that sustains the building blocks of natural life.

All the above-mentioned energies can be present in combination in a single entity. One example is that of the entity we call a human being. The natural human body is manifest, and works because of the two lower spectrum energies while the supernatural body, the aura, has chakras (transponders) attuned to soul energy and chakras attuned to spirit energy.

Waysim teaches how the human soul being evolves to become a spirit being.

Prana as the "Breath of God"

The term breath has been used by almost every culture to speak of Prana as the origin of the universes. We have this in the Hebrew book of Genesis where God breathes life into Adam, and the breath of God moves upon earth and creates all life. Prana, as the breath of God, was discussed in the oldest Vedas (where five different pranas are enumerated), centuries before the Hebrew Scriptures were written. In In ancient Chinese Wayism the concept of Vital Breath is equated with how we understand Prana.

What we all understand is that the universal energy called Prana is the omnipresent Vital Breath that flows from the One Source. 

Prana as the "Word of God", the "Logos"

The symbolism of the OM, ॐ, has to do with the primordial sound that emenates from the One as the Breath of God is emenated. The vibration of the primordial sound, ॐ or prana, is the all-encompassing spectra of energy that creates and sustains all. In this sense, where vibration is soud, OM is the Word of God.

When speaking to western Wayists, Jesus uses the Greek word logos to speak of Prana. Logos speaks to the concepts of 'plan', 'reason' and 'word'. Therefore, Jesus equates Prana with the Plan of God, the Mind of God and the Word of God.

Teaching in the western cultural context, the Master teaches that the Word of God is The Way, because in that Energy is encapulated all the laws of creation, the Plan of creation, the blueprint of the universes so to speak. Jesus calls this plan in action, The Way. The Way will flow whether or not we know It, like It, or care about It. The purpose of our lives is therefore intrinsically tied to The Way. The best we can do is to not resist The Way but to flow with it, to become one with it. We have to identify with the plan and flow along with it—identify so much so that we become the Way.

Jesus said he is one with the Word of God, he Way. He taught that he, for one, fully identifieswith the Word of God, and that his essence (spirit) is all Prana. When speaking about the one Prana that spiritual beings have in common, even the gods, Jesus speaks of our Father in Heaven as a spiritual being, "The Father and I are one", "I am in the Father and the Father is in me".  Jesus identifies that we should become aware of Prana and the Way, and identify with it totally, "I am the Way, and no one who comes to the Father does not come through me". 

Mari of Magadha writes in what is today known as the Fourth Gospel, "And in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

Prana by modern names

Reiki tradition popularised the word Universal Energy in speaking of Prana.

Many people moving away from theistic religions dont like to use the word God because for them the term sounds like the Abrahimic description of the Old Man in the Sky with the book, the whip and the tribal heart. Millions of people started using the term The Universe, to speak to their understanding of the omnipresent foundation of all, Prana.

Soul and Spirit Energy Healing

In my book and articles on Spiritual Healing we look in-depth into the concept of channeling Prana Energy and the energy of healing intensions that flow from the spiritual beings (angels?) who care for our souls while we are incarnated.


Points to ponder:

  • The human brain and nervous system works with energy from the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Human “mind” is soul energy
  • Energy meridians in the human body runs on soul energy
  • The four lower chakras are soul energy transponders while the higher three chakras are spiritual energy transponders
  • The human, which is essentially a soul being, can evolve to become a 100% spiritual being.

by Jean du Plessis

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