From the ancient Training Manual for Helpers
Called, the progression of authorities. The principles of trust, consent and commitment.

The 1st authority: Student, gives authority to Teacher+

Authority to be someone’s teacher is given by the student. This is earned by the Counsellor because of the above, and because of conduct and reputation. No one teacher can be the right fit for all people. Although we are sent to appear in people’s lives at times when they are most prepared for what we have to serve, they have to place the order and commit by giving us the authority. The spiritual path requires dedication, time and sincere commitment. When that is absent, the teacher owes it to other students to free his time by letting go of the not-so-committed student. The more authority and time a student gives us, the more food we can prepare and serve. Later, we speak about potential abuse of authority and the subsequent downfall of many otherwise excellent teachers.

The 2nd auhority: Student’s soul-mind has authority over body-mind

It is not uncommon for this authority to come first. The student may have advanced to this point by the time a Teacher+ enrolls her. This second authority that a Counselor+ requires is the soul-mind’s authority over body-mind.

The 3rd authority: IAWO authorizes the Group Leader or Counselor+

Certification as a Wayist teacher/counsellor. This is earned by the person’s own efforts and dedication in training, serving under a +Teacher (apprenticeship) and sacrifices she makes. This is bestowed as a licensing, by the International Association of Wayist Organizations. Think of this in terms of a franchise, let’s say, a fast food franchise. IAWO oversees training. It then licenses competent candidates to be out there, represent the organization, and operate according to the organizations standards and rules—providing spiritual food that is consistently the same from one outlet to another.

The 4th authority: Teacher+ becomes the manager and takes institutional authority over Counselor+

The fourth authority is the Teacher+’s authority over the Counselor+. He must be devoted to his Teacher+ as he would require from the best of his counselees and the same goes in degrees, the more he gives, the more he receives. This authority is given by the Counselor+. The Teacher+ will assume the authority, but will move back, as any Counsellor+ would, if it becomes clear that the authority is lacking.

The 5th authority: The Lord becomes the CEO in authority over Counselor+

The fifth authority is that of the Lord. You are a member of a team. The Lord allocates to you, specialist angels who are with you to help you overcome your human failings, who give you insight, and to use you as a tool to be meaningful in other people’s lives. The Lord watches as you and His angels usher in His children. This authority, of the Lord over one’s soul, is first given by the Counselor at or before licensing / initiation or ordination. When the student is ready, the Lord bestows that authority within the context which the student finds herself.


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