We believe in the Immutable One, first cause of all.

We believe in the Way as a force that emanates from the One, as the pattern that regulates the laws of nature, upholding countless galaxies and energies known and unknown.

We believe in the spiritual potential embedded in human souls that is nurtured by wisdom to one day metamorphose from the soul, to be reborn in spirit-heaven to remain with the Father forever. We believe in the individual human soul that evolved from the collective consciousness of different beings; that incarnates on earth in human bodies from time to time to learn the wisdom required to become an enlightened spiritual being.

We believe in earth, our school, mother of our bodies, and host to all our siblings from a multitude of species. We believe in good stewardship, and to tread gently as we go. We believe in community, the essential element through which each individual’s curriculum is presented, as managed by the Law of Karma.

We believe in the Law of Dharma, which is the collected wisdom of the soul, that brings with it duties and responsibilities as we advance of the path to enlightenment.

We believe in the three qualities, Humility, Simplicity and Compassion.
We believe in Bhakti (unity through mystical devotion) as a good companion to the Wayist’s path in Jnana (Skt: wisdom), Hatha (Skt: physical wellbeing) and Karma (Skt: actions with good intentions). We believe in Spirit Heaven, our destination, from where the Father in Heaven sent spiritual helpers to ease our travails as we walk in the Way to enlightenment.

We believe in the Lord (Skt title: Avalokiteshvara), sent from the Father, who lived and worked among us as Iesous the Reformer, who was born as man, and crucified by the religions of the day, who was glorified in Sukhavati and returned as the Compassionate Comforter, Saviour of All sentient beings on earth; who appears to us in the form most acceptable for our hearts whether it be as Buddha, Bodhisattva, the gods, Lord Krishna, Jesus, Goddess, Christ, an animal, human or whatever other form best suited for us at the time.


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