How to see Chakras

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What sort of Light is our Souls?

When we say God is Light, we automatically picture white light, or even a white light. This is a very innocent, perhaps young-soul way of understanding. Wayists are encouraged to learn more about this because it is vitally important to teach and help others to understand. Light is another word for energies along a frequency range that extends beyond the human’s capabilities to sense, know and measure. Human faculties can sense temperature with infrared sensors mostly in the skin. Human eyes sense a small band in the frequency range. Machinery equipment can ‘see’ a wider range: radio, TV, x-ray, visible light, all the way to gamma imagers. Pictured on the total range of energies along the spectra, white light is the size of mouse on a football field full of energies / light. God is Light, yes, but all light, the entire football field.

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There are two reasons why the human eye cannot see souls

  1. The human eye captures reflected light (or energy) that falls within the “visible energy” band of the light spectrum. What the eye can see, therefore, and fortunately, is only a tiny part of what is going on in creation. Imagine if our minds were bombarded with visible images from all the radio waves (including satellite broadcasts, cell phone communications), microwaves (all TV stations and kitchen equipment), x-rays, infrared, gamma waves (every molecule emits gamma), ultraviolet light, and so many more that we do not yet know about. And now we are not even talking about dark energy, which constitutes most of the light in creation.+ +Souls do not reflect light from that part of the light spectrum perceptible to the very limited human eye. The eye sees pictures because visible light reflects from objects.

    Other animals, and insects perceive different parts of the light spectrum. They see different things, and they see the things that we see, rather differently.
  2. The human brain is a fairly active data processor, a computer. As with most computer processors, the brain also requires a lot of energy. It needs more energy than any other organ in the human body to function at optimal performance. Brain activity is perceptible with electromagnetic instruments. Some brain scans graphically depict the heat patterns in the human computer processor; overheating of the brain is a major issue for the body and cooling systems for the head are very sensitive. The brain is very important. It is the only organ in the body fully encased in a bone compartment with a sophisticated shock absorbing system. It has fail safes (fainting, loss of memory of trauma, cutting out overbearing pain in trauma, etc.) Some imaging equipment measure electromagnetic activity in different parts of the brain processor and render it in a graphic manner to be perceptible to the human eye. An MRI scan is an example.

CHAKRAS: Soul Minds, the Brains of the Soul

Not unlike the activity in the human brain, a soul emits energy from its soul minds (chakras). The average soul has four active soul minds that emit perceptible energy. Souls with awakened spirituality have up to three additional soul minds, making seven in total. There are other soul energy centers, sub centers, attached to the main soul minds, but we usually speak only to the seven main centers. + +The energy used by the soul, and emitted by soul minds falls outside of the humanly perceptible part of the spectrum. We do not have the equipment to graphically sense, or see, a soul, nor do we have equipment to sense its energy with devices. Human understanding of the rest of the football-field wide spectrum of energies is developing. It is not inconceivable to think that we may soon have equipment that can sense soul energy.  

But we can perceive souls

            Human souls have faculties with which to perceive souls, but human bodies are not equipped for that. Most incarnated souls are unaware that they sense and ‘read’ souls until you present them with a (dead) human body from which a soul had already departed. It is immediately obvious that the person had left, there’s no one inside. Wayists that are attuned became aware of the energy, or personality, in trees, fish, and plants—also of spiritual beings and disembodied souls (ghosts) in our midst.Souls who have not yet learned to think outside the box of the human body have underdeveloped senses and cannot even sense the presence of disembodied souls and spiritual beings all around us. One does not ‘develop’ these senses, we all have it. One does not teach a human baby to see with its eyes, the eyes see because they are there and they do what they do. Similarly, souls have to simply open their soul eyelids to see. However, cerebral studiousness of metaphysics, culturally conditioned thinking and soul sloth work against people to awaken to soul matters—the world is filled with junior students (junior souls) who have very little clue about soul potential and are not about to learn very quickly. You are in a more senior class, open your eyes and see. You may need help from a lecturer, find a Wayist teacher trained in Sacred Sensuality (certified by International Wayist Association, WAWO) to help you over this little hurdle.

What are chakras really?

Chakras are soul minds. They contain wisdom from past lives and the totality, the sum of all the soul’s experiences and wisdom is in there, neatly categorized into departments. The sum of all makes the soul, you, the personality and being that you refer to when you say, I am.Only one thing can make changes to a chakra, Karma. You perform the actions and inactions, you live full and exciting lives and attune yourself to the good and to spiritual growth and Karma adds and subtracts to the soul minds to become part of who you are. We have free will and free agency to choose how we will live, how we will grow and what our attitudes are to life—therefore, we are the agents of change. Karma is the monitor that computes the values of stuff added and subtracted to the soul qualities.

The only helpful information one can glean from knowing exactly what is happening in the various chakras is to determine which of the chakras are underdeveloped in what particular areas. To determine the most important soul lessons and remedies a soul should consider for the immediate and near future, to set course on actions and inactions that will correct balances and set the scales of karma straight—which in turn may help the physical body and its mind to take less stress.To run kundalini up and down the chakra channels is like adding a pressure pump to a water line, and every now and again to switch that pump on for a while. Once there was a school of thought that figured this to be a cheat, shortcut way, to enlightenment. But, alas, like the hunt for the holy grail, that little easy pill to enlightenment does not exist. The only path to enlightenment is to live full and vigorous lives in loving-kindness.

If souls do not emit visible light energy, and visible light does not reflect off a soul, how then can we see chakras and assign to them colours from the visible light spectrum?

Very good question. Few people ever think of that. Most are happy to parrot popular culture that chakras have this and that colour and blah blah but never stop to think why animals like us, who naturally see those colours don’t naturally see chakras, auras or souls. Some defend erroneous mindset stating; you see it in your third eye. But the third eye is not an eye, it is a soul faculty that does not ‘see’ anything else (cover your third eye and see if any pictures go away). Souls do not sense colour, human eyes see colour. Souls may assign colour to things to help body mind understand something but that does not mean the colour is true. Culturally conditioned thinking can really do a number on intelligent brains.

Here’s the lowdown about chakra colours, and how to see chakras.

Notice how the so-called colours of the chakras in sequence are nothing more meaningful than merely the sequence of colours of a rainbow, which are the colours of refracted light from the visible spectrum.Consider this. It is true that chakras emit light/energy, not because they are meant to be light sources (lamps) but because of the energy activity within, similar to the activity in the human brain. Since this emitted energy is not from the visible spectrum, why then is it said that they have colours as per the visible spectrum. If we had to measure that light/energy and find it to be radio waves, for example, we would hear it with radio receivers but not see it with our eyes. And so on.

The results of a radio telescope, or gamma microscope or xray telescope, or infrared camera are visible to the human eye because some fella in a laboratory wrote it into software. He assigned visible colours to the various frequencies that his instrument measures, be it radio, gamma, x-ray, or whatever. A computer then equates a particular radio wave to a colour, render it on a screen and viola; we see a picture with which we can identify. The colours of the picture—well, that originated in the mind of a fella in a lab, only as an aid in graphic design. Usually what happens is they will assign the higher frequencies in the band they work in (radio, microwave, gamma, etc.) to the higher vibration (frequency) colour of the rainbow, violet, and the lowest of the band to the lowest vibration colour, red.

This now brings us to an old Yogi in Northern India (we don’t know the fellow’s name) who wrote a treatise expounding the chakras sometime late in the 1st century CE. He had met an Avatar, an incarnated spiritual being who told him things about the chakras that had up to then never been explained—helped him to see the chakras and assign colours to them. His essay was taken up into the Upanishads, and from that time forward we had the idea of colours associated to the chakras. Again, the colours associated to the chakras comes from a fellow in a lab, a spirituality lab or ashram for that matter.

Here’s a little scientific explanation of the “colours” assigned to chakras.

Note that visible light falls between the slower lights like infrared and radio, and the faster frequencies like gamma. Soul energy comes from an imperceptible frequency way beyond that of gamma. Spiritual energy vibrates at an even higher frequency.If we could slow the fast vibrating soul light down manifold, for example by sending it to travel through a prism or a human body, it can potentially slow down sufficiently to vibrate at such a low frequency that it becomes perceptible as visible light—the eye can then see it.This happens all the time in nature, the prism and rainbow is an example.

This is important.

The light that comes from the sun is only one colour, bright white in our frame of reference. Yet, we see many colours because the white light reflects off surfaces in different ways and only certain aspects of the once-white light enters the human eye. But, if we send the white light through a prism, the light is slowed down at different rates (because of the angle of the refraction) and what comes out on the other side is not white but a rainbow of colours. The white light has in it the potential of all the colours.

If we had to slow down soul light a lot, it may become slow enough to fall into the visible light spectrum.

Now, let’s tone down a souls’ light to the visible spectrum and see what happens.

If the light passes through a dense chakra (or any other body for that matter) it will slow the light down more than the less dense chakras. Therefore, the less dense chakra (crown) will take on the colour of the highest-vibrating visible colour, violet, because it slows down less. The densest chakra (root) will take on the colour of the lowest-vibrating visible color, red, because it slows the light down more.

How did the incarnated spiritual being, Avatar, show his chakras to the Yogi?
By consciously dimming his Light, something we cannot readily do. The natural light of a soul vibrates (in terms of frequency) way too fast to be slowed down sufficiently to be visible by the human eye. Had the Avatar not been a spiritual being, his/her three spiritual chakras would not have shown the colours it did. Those colours are associated with fully developed chakras. A lessor developed being would show only those chakras that have evolved sufficiently to become perceptible.From the time of that writing in the 1st century, we associate the chakras with those (false, or rendered) colours. This helps our body-mind, gives them something to work with. Body-minds like graphics. Pictures are an essential part of everyday life; only blind people know the trouble of not having it. We work well when we can see pictures.

From the time of that Upanishad, the knowledge of how humans sense and picture the chakras was taught in esoteric schools. Wayist Teachers transfer these skills to other Teachers and pneumatologists. However, it must be told that this skill comes in handy only when healing is required and conditions are perfect. No human can take a cursory glance at someone’s chakras or aura and see meaningful colours with any form of accuracy. There are too many factors involved and too few colours to express it. Unless in a controlled environment with all things in everyone’s favour, chakra and aura analysis is almost impossible. The teacher needs considerable time with the patient, must gather quite a bit of information, and must help the patient to generate energy in hard-to-see chakras. Well trained and experienced healers analyze as many as 187 major aspects, and optionally up to 567 aspects. It is exhausting work but it gives a complete picture of a soul’s present soul development, how it affects the soul’s present incarnation and what her following incarnation will aim for.

The chakras are perceptible by soul faculties which most people don’t even know they have.
We perceive with soul faculties, but we cannot ‘see’ colours because only human eyes see those colours. We assign colours to things we sense with our souls. For this reason, it is not very accurate when someone explains the colour of a light that they experienced in meditation or in visitation from a spiritual being, for example.

Few other animals share our human sense of colour, they have their own colour sets. It is not inconceivable to think that some animals and insects may very well see our chakras because they have different sensory organs than humans.

You can learn to see (sense) chakras and auras, but why would you want to?

Seeing chakras is only good as a diagnostic tool for pneumatologists. Auras and chakras change qualities all the time as the computer processors run more and less active. Pneumatologists learn to distinguish and analyze the data to boil it down to reality. Apart from helping souls with healing, there is no good reason why anyone would want to invest in learning this skill to see souls in this detailed way. It is also not romantic. It is a little bit like a surgeon, opening a person up to see what is inside—nothing cool or romantic about that. It is a serious job.

Spiritual beings see our souls, as open books.

The soul body and spiritual body, are bodies of light. Nothing is really private. Anyone you meet immediately knows exactly who and what you are because the state of your chakras are openly perceptible. Your thoughts are almost public knowledge known because the activity of the chakras shows. Advanced spiritual beings who come into contact with us don’t really see us, they simply know us, they feel us, because we are the sum of the energy that we emit. Advanced spiritual bengs can tone down what they emit and they do that for our sake. For most, we simply cannot handle their presence. If we had to really perceive the full presence of an angel, it would scare the living daylights (who made that silly term?) out of us. The presence of the Lord would probably blow fuses in our minds if s/he did not tone it down for our sake. Their Light is unbearable for the likes of us.

We are light beings. Spirits are light beings. Amitabha our Father is called amita abha, Illimitable Light Father. Spiritual beings know of light forms that we cannot comprehend. The Father, IS light forms that even spiritual beings cannot comprehend. We are all one in the Energy that comes through the Way. We operate on a very small band, a tiny section of the full spectrum and outside of our spectrum, we simply cannot see.Light to you,

Light to the world.

Om Shanti Shanti Om

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